The Field Of Thailand

Thailand, formerly know as Siam, is a tropical country in Indochina (Southeast Asia) with Cambodia to it's east, Malaysia to it's south, Burma to it's north and west, and Laos to it's north and east.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy populated by about 66 million souls (300 plus per square mile). The Thai people are very loyal to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) whom they greatly love! Rama IX is the longest reigning monarch in the world today (63 years).

The word Thai means "free" and the Kingdom has been allied with America since the Civil War when Rama V offered elephants to Abraham Lincoln to use in the war effort. Like Lincoln Rama V also freed the slaves of Siam. Thailand fought along side America in the Vietnam War and allowed many U. S. bases in Thailand. The Thai and U. S. militaries still conduct joint exercisers in Thailand every year. About the time of the Civil War there was a great persecution of Christians in northern Siam and several believers were martyred for their faith in Christ. Rama V then issued an edict allowing freedom of religion, and this Biblical principal was written into the Thai Constitution. Today we have freedom to preach and the Thai people may freely receive Christ if they so wish.

Even though Thailand has freedom of religion it remains about 95% Buddhist. The 4% Muslim population of Thailand is concentrated in the far south on the Malaysian Peninsula. The remaining 1% includes Hindus, Tribal Animists, Baha'i, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, and Christians of which only a small fraction are truly born again.

Our work is center in Nong Khai Province (in red on 1st map) which is the northern most part of Esan (in red on 3rd map) just south of Vientiane, the Capitol of Communist Laos, where we have two church plants and a daily radio program.

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